Monday, August 10, 2015

Magical moments

Imagine twinkling fairy lights, in blue, green, red, and pink hues, winking merrily in the darkness. Like small dew drops of color, caressing tender new leaves. Its a lovely way to enjoy your garden at night, and perfect ambience for special occasions. Think; graduation parties, weddings, family gatherings, romantic dinners on the patio, etc.

To achieve this gorgeous mood lighting, I have come to rely on micro LED string lights. My favorite string lights are the 30 light strings by RTGS Products. Each string is 11 feet long, with 10 feet of bulbs ( an extra foot of wore between lights and bayyery box.) The string is a thin, silver wire, and features a battery box for operation. The whole setup is made for indoor or outdoor use, and is water resistant. The lights are fully submersible, but the battery box is NOT!

The lights are very bright, and because they're LED, they use far less power than standard bulbs. These lights Have Over 20 years of life span! Plus, they use a fraction of energy needed by regular light strings, saving you on batteries. They're even somewhat programmable. The battery box has an On/ Timer/ Off features. You can use them constantly, or time how long they will stay lit. All you need to make them work, is 3 AA batteries!

RTGS is one of few brands to fully back their product. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including a full 2 year warranty. No wonder they're so awesome...

Check out the lights for yourself!

A quick view of the lights

RTGS Products 

Sample provided for review.