Thursday, August 27, 2015

Keeping time in a box.

My husband has so many watches, he doesn't know what to do with them anymore. So, I suggested a watch box. Its the perfect solution to his dilemma. Plus, my friends at Ohuhu, already had one heading our way...

This watch box is well made, and very beautiful. However, it is slightly smaller than other watch boxes. It features a leather look, with heavy stitching, and a clear glass window on top. The inside is lined with a cream color veloure material, thats not only aesthetically pleasing, but exceptionally soft as well. This, no doubt, is to provide a scratch free environment for your watches. Each watch holder is removable, and in the event you don't have 12 watches, can be taken out to provide space for other valuables.

This box looks magnificent while displayed. But functions just as well if you choose to keep it tucked away. I rather enjoy the look of it, and have become quite fond of using it for my watches, and other miscellaneous jewelry. I do wish the logo wasnt etched into the glass though, as it takes away from the overall visual appeal of the box. I received my watch box as a sample item for review, and I highly recommend it. It as functional as it is fashionable, and has become a staple item on my dresser.