Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flame free mood lighting!

There's seriously nothing cooler than LED wax candles. I LOVE candles, don't get me wrong... ALL candles. BUT--- its so much easier when you don't have to light them, and can still get that ambient light you're craving!

I recently received these awesome, complimentary, Hi Glow candles to test and review, and I LOVE them! They're real wax, and battery operated. The light is LED, and mimics real candle light. It mimics the color of true candle light, AND even flickers! Plus, they have a faint vanilla scent. The best part--- the batteries are included!

These candles are really cool, and they look real! They're even remote controlled!!!! You can turn them on/ off with the tap of a button... Sick, right?!? You can use them without the remote, but it's a nice bonus!

Check out my quick video of the candles...

Want your own???