Monday, June 1, 2015

RECHARGEABLE Pedicure Callus Remover

Bella Naturals has hit a home-run with their Naturalico; rechargeable pedicure callus remover. It's a battery operated, wet/dry pumice stone. With two speeds; medium & fast, you're able to remove even the most stubborn of calluses. The motor that controls the file turns a full 360° at speeds of 40 turns per second. Plus, it's rechargeable! The stone head is cleanable, and removable. To clean, remove the head, and simply hold under running water. Then, watch the dead skin rinse away. Make sure to let the stone completely dry before reusing it. In the event that the stone becomes worn away, or damaged, it is replaceable.

So how do you use it? Well--- you just turn it on, pick a speed, and run it over the skin you're wanting to remove. It does take some getting used to, and will stop rotating if pressed too firmly against the skin. This is a safety measure, and protects you from seriously hurting yourself. I do suggest moving the unit up/down & back/forth, if you hover over an area too long, you will feel it becoming sore & burning. This is a good indication that you've removed a little too much skin!

For those of us who need to see what they're doing, this product has a built in headlight! The light automatically comes on when the unit is running, and helps to efficiently illuminate the area of skin that's directly infront of the stone. This serves as a great guide, and helps to show your progress as well! Then, when you're done, replace the provided cap, and you're all set!

The Naturalico; rechargeable pedicure callus remover, charges quickly & holds its' charge for a decent amount of time. Just plug the male end of the charger into the female opening on the unit, and let it sit for a few hours. A full charge usually lasts me up to 2 weeks!!! You'll know it's time for a recharge, when the stone starts losing power.

I received this product complimentary, for testing & review purposes, and I love it! In fact, I highly recommend it--- it's super easy to use, and saves a ton of money in the long run, by eliminating the need for frequent pedicure visits. This particular model comes packaged nicely in a box, with an additional rotating stone head. It's a great product to own, and would make a fantastic gift too!

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