Monday, April 13, 2015

Makeup brushes for beginners...

As with all Acevivi products, this one doesn't lack much... It's on par with most of the more expensive sets out there, but priced much more reasonably. This set includes 10 pieces, all the standard makeup brushes (blush, lip, shadow, liner etc.) but also includes the eyelash brush, and is packed neatly into a stylish fold-up case.

The brushes are all antibacterial synthetic materials, and are very soft. When you first open the case it does have an odor, but not a bad odor... its a new plastic smell. You'll want to air it out for a bit before using it. I received this set as a gift, to test and review, and I'm pretty impressed with the quality of the synthetic brushes.

This is most definitely a great starter set, and I highly recommend it for anyone who's new to makeup and wants to experiment. The brushes clean easily, and dry flawlessly. I rate it 4 stars (out of 5). So why 4/5 stars you ask??? Well, It's a preferential thing, really. I prefer a brush set that's not 100% synthetic, but I also had higher hopes for this set. The quality isn't 100% what I expect from Acevivi (after having tested other brush sets by them). However, it is a really nice set, just not my taste!!!

  ACEVIVI 10 pcs Pro Synthetic Hair Make Up Cosmetic Brush Set with Red Case

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