Thursday, April 23, 2015


Living in southern Florida, I am always on the hunt for an insulated bag that actually keeps food cold (for more than an hour). I received
 a complimentary GetBackToBasix Fridge To Go bag, to test and review, and I did put it to the ultimate test.
The Fridge To Go insulated bag is also equipped with a very large, and amazing freezer pack! We've been using this bag so much, that the freezer pack stays in the freezer as a permanent fixture now.
Since I live in FLorida, it's always warm, usually hot, and the beach is a great bit of relief. So, I ventured to the beach with my daughter, and our well stocked Fridge To Go. We did put up an umbrella, so the bag wasn't baking in the sun all day... But, we were in 85 degree weather for a good 3 hours. Our fruit was still crisp and cool, and our drinks were icy cold and refreshing. We had even brought some turkey sandwiches, and they were cold, and delicious!
I'd call that a successful test run... However, we have used the Fridge To Go many times since, and each time it's just as successful. I'm not sure how it stays cold for so long, but I love it!

As an added bonus, I also received 2 silicone baking mats from GetBackToBasix, to test and review. My daughter loves to help in the kitchen, so it was a lot of fun trying these out! I do recommend with any silicone baking mats, that you use them in addition to a standard baking sheet. They're able to withstand baking directly on the rack, but they get really hot, and they're flimsy, so it's ridiculously hard to get them out of the oven!

These mats are pretty cool too. They're unlike any silicone bake mats I've used before, and I mean that in a good way! I received 2 mats, one is rectangular and outlined with rulers. The other is round and a bit smaller.

The one with the rulers is awesome! I always botch cookies, by placing them too close together. The end result is a giant cookie rectangle. With this mat though, I can measure exactly 2 inches between cookies, and place my dough accordingly. This makes for perfect cookies every time!!! It's genius!!!

The round bake mat was a mystery at first. A friend suggested pizza, but it's more for personal size pizzas. However, it's absolutely perfect for pizza bagels! We've also used it for home made egg mcmuffins, and it works well for those too. Just assemble your pizzas or mcmuffins, set them on the mat ( it holds between 4 and 6), and bake! My son suggested we make peanut brittle on the mats... We will try that, eventually. It just sounds messy and intimidating to me!
The absolutely best part about these baking mats is that they eliminate a lot of dish washing! Because I use them to line my pans, I remove them, and the pans are still clean below! Just give the pans a good rinse, if you're paranoid like me... And you're good to go! It really cuts back on the clean up, and allows me to have more time with my family instead.

Want to try them for yourself?

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