Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bamboo --- not just for pandas anymore

I'm a pillow hoarder. I have a self-admitted problem, but I just can't stop! I'm always looking for the next best thing, the next break through that may help me to actually sleep at night... Maybe help my headaches... Help my tinnitus... Improve my quality of life? I'm determined that pillows can do these things, if you have the right one. Thus, I am searching for the perfect pillow. 
I'm pretty sure this is it though. 
I was super excited to be able to test and review yet another pillow, complimentary. I will say, I hadn't gotten my hopes up. I've been let down too many times by memory foam pillows. I was not letting my guard down just because this one said "bamboo" somewhere in the title... But it does come with a super nice cover... No--- keep your hopes at ground level!
When my pillow arrived, it smelled funky. I'm used to that, all memory foam pillows smell for a while. Air them out a few days and you're good to go! The pillow seemed like any other memory foam pillow... Un-impressive. BUT it comes with a really nice cover...
Yes, yes it comes with a really nice cover. In fact, I almost there out the cover because it was stuffed to the back of the box! Lo and behold--- the holy grail of pillow covers came sliding out of the box, and greeted me for the first time! Honestly, it looked like a pre-packed pillow cover, until I opened it and fell in love. The pillow cover is so incredible soft and cottony, buttery, silky... I can't truly describe it, but I assure you it's glorious! 
Ok, so maybe there's something to this pillow? Ignoring the memory foam smell, I put the cover on the pillow, and took the pillow for a test run. 
I usually prefer semi-firm pillows, and they have to be puffy but squish-able. Never flat. I HATE flat pillows. This pillow is not terribly puffy. Actually, it's rather dense. I immediately thought it would be perfect for firmness... I was wrong. This pillow is a trickster! It feel very hard and dense, but once you lay down on it, it's soft and inviting. Aside from the smell, I was in heaven. I still can't figure out how this pillow is so deceiving! But, it's absolutely perfect. It's not puffy, or squish-able, but it's everything I didn't know that I liked in a pillow! And the case---- oh the soft, silky case... It truly is heavenly.  
I highly recommend this pillow to anyone searching for the perfect pillow. Search no further--- perfection is right here!

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