Friday, March 20, 2015

Random candy

I shared my Wonka "Randoms" with friends, family, and co-workers. These gummies are seriously like nothing you've ever tasted before! Every gummy and combination of gummies is different, and unique in flavor. At first they come across as standard gummy candies, but once you really start to experiment with them you realize these are very different.

 Each gummy has a unique flavor. Some even have liquid gel centers, that are a completely different flavor than the gummy itself. Some of them are traditional style gummies, and some have a strange, marshmallowy soft back. Not 1 is alike, and if you combine gummies, the flavor options are limitless!

They're truly Random!!! 

We had a lot of fun sampling these new gummies from Wonka, through a sample & share program available through Smiley360. #gotitfree

Wonka Randoms Gummy Stand Up Bag, 10 Ounce