Monday, March 9, 2015

Organic Dandelion Root Tea - With Hibiscus & Cinnamon by Kiss Me Organics

This tea is fantastic!

Each cup is a unique experience. You can taste the floral notes of hibiscus right away, and just a hint of cinnamon follows close behind. Then, the pungent and slightly bitter dandelion sneaks up and pounces on you! It's definitely a flavor that takes some getting used to. But, after you've become accustomed to all of the subtle nuances this tea has to offer, you will likely find yourself smitten. If the bitter is too much, add honey to taste! 
Now, to mention the health benefits... Each cup is like liquid digestive gold! This tea is not only delicious, vegan, and USDA organic, but it has medicinal properties as well. I find that it helps tremendously with upset stomach due to over eating, and unhealthy eating. It's also wonderful for helping to relieve gas pains and bloating, as well as helping with constipation. Not to mention all the the added benefits it provides to your kidney and liver.  
It's quickly become a favorite of mine lately! I received this tea, complimentary, for testing and review purposes. And I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a delicious and healthy way to aid in every day digestion!