Monday, March 23, 2015

Olivia Branch Bed Sheets

I've been looking for a decent set of sheets for my sons bed. By decent I mean; affordable, quality materials , holds up to average use & washing, doesn't make him sweat profusely, and doesn't bleed on everything. Yes, I realize that's a long list, but when you factor in that sheet sets are pricey---- it's really not that much to ask for! 

Now, I'll freely admit, I'm a cotton snob. When I saw these were 1800 thread count, I was floored by the low price. Thread count is widely used to promote cotton products, but I didn't stop to think that it can also pertain to other "threads." Thus my confusion when 1800 thread count polyester sheets were delivered to my door. 
I immediately wrinkled my nose and thought; great, I got duped --- now my kid will sweat his butt off. I hated the sheets immediately upon opening the box and seeing the word "polyester". If it weren't for my husband, I'd probably not be writing this post. I'd probably have given the sheets away as a gift, and started over. 

Luckily, my husband has a way of smoothing things out, and making my bad moods dissipate. I heard him out, and decided to wash and dry the sheets, then see if I still hated them. Surprisingly, I didn't. They washed up well, and didn't lose color. They even dried well, and were jut a soft as my cotton sheets--- but, less wrinkles! Ok, they weren't so bad after all... 

Then my husband convinced me to put them on our sons bed, and see how they fit. I agreed, on one condition; my husband was to make the bed. We all know once it's made, we hate to start over... I wasn't getting suckered in to that! So, my husband made the bed. The sheets fit really nicely. I love that they have nice deep pockets, to accommodate thick mattresses (or mattresses with toppers). 

At this point I was already suckered... The sheets stayed on the bed, and I agreed to let my son test them and see if they were good sheets or not. My son happily obliged. I mean, when we ordered the sheets, he did pick out the color etc. So, he was thrilled to have what he wanted--- comfort or not. Yes, I'm skeptical of the validity of a 10 year old's opinion on anything that holds any weight with me. We allowed him to sleep on the sheets until it was time to change them again (3 days). 

The three days came up, and my son informed me that these sheets were different than the ones I usually put on his bed. But---- that he liked them. What?!? Apparently these sheets are soft, and actually do breathe well. However, they're not quite as absorbent as cotton, so when he sweats it doesn't necessarily soak the sheets. Plus, they dry faster than te cotton sheets I always use on his bed. Then I was asked if we could keep the sheets, and maybe get a second set. Lord have mercy... 

Anyhow, these turned out to be pretty nice sheets. They're not hot, or itchy. They do wash and dry well, and even remain relatively wrinkle free. I like how they fit on the bed, and I love that my son is finally sleeping comfortably--- even if they are polyester. This entire experience has opened my eyes to new textiles and dismissed some stereotypes that I had formed growing up with other cotton snobs. 

I am thrilled to announce that I am exceptionally satisfied with these sheets, and very glad that I was able to obtain them at no cost, for testing and review purposes. 

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