Friday, March 13, 2015

Leather Nova: Leather Cleaner, Conditioner & 2-in-1 Cleaner + Conditioner

The leather products by Leather Nova provide a wonderful deep clean & condition to any leather surface. Including but not limited to; purses, furniture, jackets, and vehicle interiors. The products are packaged in easy to use bottles bottle, that makes for easy application with ample coverage. The packaging also includes a very nice, durable, microfiber cloths or sponge pads to use with the products.

Using the Leather Nova leather cleaner is simple! You can use it on dry surfaces, but I suggest dampening the microfiber towel first. Lightly wipe and the surface, then spray the cleaner onto the leather. This helps you to use less product, and still get that deep penetrating clean! Make sure you spray enough product to cover the surface, then work it into the leather with the microfiber cloth. I prefer circular motions, I feel that helps to work the cleaner into the leather and lift dirt better. Plus, it doesn't leave scrub marks that are apt to happen if you scrub at leather (with any material). After working the product in, just flip the cloth over and wipe down the leather surface. You can also use a second cloth for this. I like to use an additional, clean, cloth.
You should immediately notice a difference in your leather. For me, it cleaned off every single remnant that my kids had dropped or spilled on my leather sofa. Which is truly an amazing feat. My children are very messy and very hard on my furniture. Especially my 3 year old. She insists on putting her grimy and sticky hands all over my sofa, every chance she gets! However, I was still left with a leather sofa that looked almost new! The results are truly astounding!

The leather conditioner & protector is amazing on leather furniture!!!

My couch is looking pretty bad --- my 2 kids and my dog are pretty brutal. I needed to add luster and life back into it, and the Leather Nova products did just the trick! After using the leather cleaner by Leather Nova, I applied a generous amount of their leather conditioner, and rubbed it in as well as i could. Then, I used a dry dust cloth and wiped the excess off. BEAUTIFUL!!!! the scratches and faded spots actually seemed to disappear. My old, well loved couch looks like a new again!!!

The leather cleaner and conditioner combo is a quick fix for those who don't want to go through the full process of cleaning and conditioning their leather items. 
Think of it like washing your car. You can either wash, dry, and then paste wax your car--- which takes a long time but the results are phenomenal. Or, you can take the short cut, and use an all in one wash and wax product. The results are still amazing, but maybe not as long lasting or quite the same results as you got working through the wash, dry, and wax processes.
The leather cleaner and conditioner combo by Leather Nova, leaves leather supple and nourished. It provides the deep luster that you'd expect from a Leather Nova product.

I received sample bottles to test and review, and while I love the results I get from cleaning and conditioning my leather furniture--- I prefer the convenience of an all in one product so much more! The Leather Nova products have brought life back to my dying couch!

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