Sunday, February 15, 2015

Best For My Pets - Bully Sticks

My dog is addicted to these bully sticks! He knows where I keep them and he follows me around until I am near them. Then he sits and whimpers, and dances around excitedly... He's hardcore addicted. If I go near the cabinet, he is all over me trying to find them! These are literally crack to dogs.
Do I feel bad that my dog has a "habit"? Nope! It does get annoying, that I can't go into my cabinet without him freaking out, but he's so cute--- I guess I just dont mind all that much! Plus, they're natural and healthy, so I know he's craving a treat that's good for him. 
The Best For My Pets, Bully Sticks are great, because they come in a variety of sizes, and they're natural! They do have a smell to them, but it's not a terribly unpleasant smell. It's a smell I attribute to "real food" treats as opposed to chemically enhanced treats --- if that makes sense :) Let's put it this way, the first time my dog tried these treats, he dropped it on the floor and rolled on it. Then he proceeded to gobble it up. 

These bully sticks are great as a long lasting treat, or for a nervous or anxious pet who needs to chew out some frustration. They're 100% consumable, so there's no weird leftovers to throw away. Plus, they last a long time. My dog is a medium size dog (approx 28 lbs), and one of the regular size bully sticks lasts him a couple hours (if he's leisurely munching on it.) When my dog is frustrated and needs to chew, they don't last quite as long. 
They're definitely a wonderful addition to the standard dog treat regimen, and I'll continue to purchase them. I received my first bag, complimentary, to test and review. But, my dog is addicted, so I'd wager there will be many more Best For My Pets - Bully Sticks delivered to my house!