Sunday, February 15, 2015

AmaziPro8 Fashion Jewelry Set


A super fashionable, quick dress up jewelry set! The earring and necklace are gorgeous, and look as pictured. The necklace does run a tad small, but it's still completely wearable. Each piece is stunning, and can be worn alone or together as a set without question. The dust plug is another story...

Mine isn't nearly as nice as the jewelry, and lacks the same quality. Plus, it doesn't fit well, or say in place. I was given this set, complimentary, to test and review. I feel it completely deserves 5 stars, since I am reviewing it based on the jewelry, and not the added dust plug. The jewelry itself is worth a 5 star rating--- the dust plug is an added bonus, and I would rate it a 3 on it's own.

My daughter and I showing off our beautiful pink jewelry!