Monday, November 17, 2014

Tanors Wine Aerator

I am in love with this product! I was looking for a decent decanter / aerator and was asked to test this product for quality. There was no way I was turning down a complimentary aerator! I'm so glad I didn't! Honestly, this product is freaking amazing. It's definitely high quality materials, and made extremely well. It's easy to use and makes my wine taste sooooo much better! My only complaint is that it is to be used separate from the wine bottle. Which makes for an awkward attempt at holding the aerator while pouring the wine at the same time. This was easily remedied by asking my husband for help! With an additional set of hands, this was perfect! I absolutely adore the quality of the product and the result it produces. Now I need to invest in a wine chiller and I will never leave the house!