Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Superior Bright Flashlight - LED Flashlight

This seems like a great flashlight, but it's not as heavy as I'd like. Mine arrived broken, so I can't fully review it. But, it looks nice, and if it works as intended, it's worth the price! Kind of bummed out that I have to send mine back and wait for another :(


My new flashlight arrived!!!!!! It's wonderful :) Not only is this flashlight fully intact, it functions as promised--- and then some!!! I definitely recommend this flashlight to EVERYONE. This is a must have for the car, and will be immensely helpful in the event of a break down or accident. The flashlight has different settings for brightness, and a side bar that functions as a wider light, or a blinking hazard light. This product is also equipped with a magnetic end, so that it will stay put if you need both hands free! It takes very little power, and is run by triple A batteries--- this means you should get quite a bit of life out of the flashlight & the batteries before needing to replace them. 

Not only is the flashlight everything my husband had dreamed it would be, I am extremely satisfied as well! The customer service on the sellers end is fantastic!!! After seeing my first review and contact email about the original broken flashlight, the seller, Bill, called me directly and immediately sent out a new flashlight at no cost to me. Bill, with Superior Bright Flashlight is a truly wonderful man, and I look forward to doing business with him in the future! 

I HIGHLY recommend this product, and the company Superior Bright Flashlight, and owner Bill, to anyone looking for an amazing product that's backs by the absolute best customer service!