Saturday, October 11, 2014

Build a Bear Workshop

I was very excited when asked to head over to the Build a Bear Workshop, compliments of Smiley360, and spend an awesome day with my daughter --- in exchange for this review!
I'd heard of Build a Bear before, but never been. Everyone had always said it was too expensive for "just a stuffed animal." Honestly, hearing this made me shy away from the brand entirely. I am forgiving, and when asked to give it a shot, I obliged. I am so glad that I did!!!!! Yes, it is a little pricey, but it's is NOT "just a stuffed animal." Build a Bear Workshop is an experience, not necessarily just a product. If I wanted a teddy bear in a dress, I could definitely go but one for far less than what it would cost at Build a Bear.
Build a Bear is an experience. I can not stress this enough! How much would you spend for a day of fun with your child? A day of creation and bonding, seeing your child excited and awe-inspired??? Build a Bear does just this. They provide an outlet for you and your child to explore, create, enjoy, and bond together. For this experience I would gladly pay a little more!
On top of the wonderful experience of creating your special stuffed animal, Build a Bear offers top quality materials and clothing for your special creation! This ensures that your Build a Bear friend lasts a long time, and can be enjoyed far more than the average cheap stuffed animal.
My daughter and I had such an amazing time creating and bonding together at Build a Bear. I would most definitely recommend this experience and product to others! It is not just another over priced stuffed animal!!!

--- I received this product free via Smiley360, in exchange for my unbiased review!